Bipolar and Pregnant (:(

Yep. You read that right. It finally happened ya’ll. After years of heartbreak your girl is finally pregnant with her miracle 🌈 Was it easy getting here….? FUCK NO. Anyone who tells you it’s “easy” to get pregnant is either a teen mom or a badass warrior like myself who hides the struggle for the […]

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Happy Halloween!

Well it’s the best time of the year ya’ll…no not Christmas…Halloween! I have always loved Halloween, that love intensified when I had my first kiss with the guy I would marry that very night in 2009. Now its our thing. For the past nine years, my husband and I have made it our mission to […]

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The Mountains We Are Given

I was inspired today by this quote I found from the Goddess Rachel Hollis herself: Living with bipolar 1 is like constantly climbing a mountain. With mania you are hiking a steep, treacherous mountain, about to fall off. When you finally get to the top, you barely have enough oxygen left to survive the fall […]

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Being Bipolar is Hard Work

Being bipolar is hard work. Seriously. It’s work. I have to work at keeping my strong emotions in check. I have to work at recognizing my symptoms of mania and depression and figure out how to stop them in their tracks. I have to work at being a good wife and daughter and friend to […]

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Kesha “Rainbow” Cover

Hello my beautiful people!! Today, I simply want to sing you a song. I think at least one person reading this needs to hear this powerful message right now. I have been a singer since I was three years old. As an adult, it’s hard to find places to use my gift so I’m happy […]

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