The Mountains We Are Given

I was inspired today by this quote I found from the Goddess Rachel Hollis herself:

Living with bipolar 1 is like constantly climbing a mountain. With mania you are hiking a steep, treacherous mountain, about to fall off. When you finally get to the top, you barely have enough oxygen left to survive the fall down into depression. Once you fall, you keep falling until you are left in a dark cave, unable to find your way out.

But I know I have moved that mountain… twice. And I know that those were not the only times I will have to make this journey. This doesn’t scare me, I know I have the tools and the support system in place so I will not be climbing and falling down alone.

I also know that I was given this mountain because God knew I would conquer it and then share my journey to help others conquer theirs. I could never imagine staying quiet about my struggles, not when I know there are so many people struggling silently.

Yesterday, at a store register, I saw a woman’s semicolon tatoo. I told her I really liked it and that I understood. She said, “hey thats why it’s there; we’re all in this together”. That really resonated with me. For those of you unfamiliar, the semicolon is a suicide survival or struggle symbol. It represent how you could have ended the story but didn’t.

She was right, we are all in this together. We need to share our experiences to encourage others to get help. We need to go through those tough experiences to gain the strength we need to not only survive but to thrive.

So this weekend, as you recharge and spend time doing what you love, ask yourself, what is your mountain? What is the struggle or obstacle you have in your life that you have overcome or are working on? Chances are your mountain is the same as someone else and that someone else could use your encouragement and commiseration to help climb it.

If you have a mountain you need help climbing, comment below or message me. I want to help you conquer this summit.

Be kind to each other.