Lipsense Mixing

Hello my beautiful people! Its Friday, we did it, we got through another week! Give yourself a big ol’ high five and lets get into some beauty talk!

Today we are going to mix it up!! No i’m not talking about changing up your look or your tribe; I’m talking about mixing yo lipstick!

By now you know I am a Lipsense Gal for life. One of the reason I love it soooo much is because you can mix the colors to make brand new shades! You probably didn’t know that huh? Well here is your Mixing Class 101:

Simple Layered Mix

This is what I call a “starter mix” of Lipsense colors. Dark Pink is a cool, neutral, true pink. Fun fact: It was my very first color! #OGfave.

Beige Champagne is a neutral with some shimmer; perfect for mixing. You can pretty much layer beige champagne on any bold color to tone it down.

Here is the “Recipe” for this mix:

Layer one: Dark Pink

Layer Two: Dark Pink

Layer Three: Beige Champagne

Alternating Layers

This next mix is a little more advanced. Both of these colors are BOLD and they will hold their own on your lips. Again we have a matte and a shimmer color; I recommend always ending your layers with the shimmer shade; it makes for a more polished look.

The recipe for this one is:

Layer One: Lexie Bear-y

Layer Two: She’s Apples

Layer Three: Lexie Bear-y

Because both of these colors are so bright, be sure to cover all of the previous layer with the next shade. This will avoid any streakiness

Pre-Mixed Vamp Red

This last one is Master Class level:

Welcome to the world of pre-mixing ya’ll. This world includes tatoo rings and wax paper but it is SO worth it!

The shade below is pre-mixed in a tatoo ring ( or on a palette or sheet of wax paper).

Pour a small amount of each color into the tattoo ring and mix. Then take a clean wand and apply two thin layers to lips. To finish the look apply a layer of Fly Girl by itself.

And of course GLOSS over each mix at the end. Gloss seals in the color so it will last through the whole party or BBQ.

If you are intersted in these colors or any others head over to My Senesite.

If you want more information on mixing comment below!

📸 Photo cred: Perpetual Pucker

Hope you enjoyed your class! Now get out there and SLAY.