Self-Care Awareness Month

Happy Friday, friends!

In case you didn’t know, September is Self-Care Awareness Month. Self care is THE most important gift we can give ourselves. We all need a break. We do. I don’t care if you work 90 hours a week at a stressful job that pays you a million dollars a week, or you are a happy stay at home mom. You. Need. A. Break.

I think the concept of self-care has become so dilluted. Self-care does not need to be some official thing like a spa day or a vacation. It can be as simple as a DIY mani-pedi while your kids take a nap, or the bible study you do in the morning when the house is quiet. Anything you do that is purely for YOU is self-care.

For me, it’s my quiet mornings when I’m the only one up in my sometimes chaotic household. See my husband and I live at my parent’s house. Yes we are in our 30’s, married and living with Mom and Dad. Unfortunately, here in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) this was our only option to save money for a house.

We are very lucky to have their house at our disposal while they live at my sister’s during the week so my mother can graciously watch her granddaughters. Complicated huh?

On the weekends… all hell breaks loose! The kids often stay here and once they wake up it is go-go-go until they go to sleep at 8:30pm. So that hour or two where the house is quiet and still, that is my self-care time. I usually color or work on my script lettering book. I leave my phone face-down for this time. This is MY time. It is my time to center and clear my mind. It is my time to bring awareness to my own feelings and work through any issues I had from the day before.

I truly beleive if I didn’t have this time my day would be much more stressful and exhausting. Taking time to focus on yourself gives you the ability to focus on others during whatever the day throws at you. It is so important to be selfish during this time. Put down the phone, disconnect for a little while and just BE with yourself.

I hope you all practice some extra self-care this month (and every month!)

I want to hear how you all practice self-care, leave me a comment below💜