Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care

Happy Tuesday! I know, i know I’m a day late….but come on it was Labor Day!

I too needed a vacation day so I took it. #Sorrynotsorry

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful weekend.

Today I want to share a tutorial that is very near and dear to my heart: Mermaid hair!

Spoiler alert, I am known for my curls. I’m the girl who you ask to curl your hair at the bachelorette party house. Heck I was even curling my Bridesmaids’ hair on my wedding day to stay calm!

I genuinely LOVE curling hair so I’ve decided to share my bread and butter: everyday undone curls ( aka Mermaid Hair).

I’m still new to shooting tutorials so please give me grace! I think the video below gets the job the done.

Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Here are the products I used:

Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier

Living Proof No-frizz Humidity Shield

L’ANGE Ondule Wand-25mm

Ondulé – Blush 1" (25MM) Titanium

Final Look

For those of you at work ( ya I see you) and dont want to watch the video, I have written out the steps:

1. Towel dry hair

2. Lightly apply pre-blowdry products ( Heat Shield VERY important!)

3. Blow dry with round brush or fingers

4. Part hair at desired area and spray hairspray on dry hair

5. Section hair into 2 or 3 sections

6. Starting at the bottom section, curl hair with L’ange 22mm wand.

7. Point wand down and wrap hair loosley,making sure to leave space in-between each wrap.

8. Hold end out, Do Not curl

9. Finish curl by pulling lightly on the end of hair, this loosens the curl

10. Repeat on each peice, spraying hairspray after each section.

11. For crown peices, do the same technique making sure not to curl very top of crown.

12. Spray fisnished hair and let sit for a few minutes, Do Not touch hair!

13. Shake out curls from the top down.

14. Enjoy your mermaid curls!!

I hope this was helpful! I really do believe that your morning ( or afternoon) routine can be a type of therapy to help center you for the day ahead. If you feel good in your own skin and are feelin’ your look, you can conquer the world!

Let me know if you guys try my method, I want to see your results!

Have a fantastic week!