Broken Crayons Still Color The Same

This past weekend was wonderful and exhausting. My Sister and her Husband had a weekend getaway planned so my husband and I (plus my parents) watched their two adorable daughters.

I love my nieces. The days both of them came into this world my life got significantly brighter. I love them like my own. I do. It’s possible for an auntie to have this love, don’t @ me!

I love how smart, kind, and creative they each are in their own way. Both of them are going to change this world for the better, guaranteed.

On Saturday we were all sitting at dinner at our favorite pizza shop, kids are doing great, they’re coloring and eating nicely. No meltdowns, yay!!

I look over at the 4 year old (she will be five soon) and she is breaking all the crayons in half. We all at once say ” please don’t do that, it’s not kind to the other kids that will use those”.

Here is her response: “I’m breaking them all in half because it makes coloring with them more of challenge.”

Mind. Blown.

What child thinks about ways to make their life more difficult… for fun?!?

So this got me thinking: first of all, she has sound logic, breaking the crayons does indeed make coloring a challenge.

Second, broken crayons still color.

Think about that statement in terms of a person and how it relates to mental health.

Broken crayons or “broken” people are still capable of beautiful, amazing things. Just because we’ve had trauma in our past doesn’t mean our future is not bright, happy, loud, and fulfilled!

Furthermore, if you break a crayon in half, chances are that crayon won’t break apart again. Sure there may be a shaving or a small piece break off here and there but it’s going to stay whole and useful. And, like my neice so intelligently mused, broken crayons are more fun to color with because its more challenging. People are dynamic, unique and beautifully flawed. Those of us who have experienced something significant or been diagnosed with a major mental or physical illness are not broken. We are made stronger by the breaks in us that have healed.

Yes, we can be challenging people to love or work with. We may have an “extra” personality or require some additional check-ins but we are strong. We are fun! Chances are if you had a near death experience, you are now a person who lives life to the absolute fullest and doesn’t take any day for granted. Those people we may see as “broken” and “challenging” are actually the most rewarding relationships we have.

So let’s remember this statement the next time one of your friends breaks-down in public or rants about something erratically at a party:

“We are all a little broken, but the last time I checked broken crayons still color the same.”