Eye-Shadow Mixing and My Love of the Stage

Alright, now that we addressed the serious issues, let’s play with some make-up!

In the video below I showcase some beautiful eyeshadows and how to mix them into a soft, everyday eyelook. It was a recorded LIVE in my beauty group


I LOVE going LIVE on Facebook. I know it terrifies some people but for me it’s like being on the stage. I have been a performer since I was three years old and it is my greatest passion in life. I thrive being in the limelight and I need that outlet on a daily basis.

How do I get it? From recording videos like this! And of course a daily dose of car-karaoke.

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Shadowsense Mixing LIVE

Products I used:

Senegence ShadowSense




Shell Glitter

Sandstone Pearl Shimmer

Senegence Eyesense in Black

Senegence Pink Posey ShadowSense as Blush

Senegence Lipsense and Gloss

See a pattern here?? #SenegenceJunkie #SmudgeProof

Message me or join my group if you want more info on these products. Special shout-out to Siara Martin for her beautiful photos!

Photo Cred: Siara Martin

Stay Happy my friends!