My Beauty Routine Therapy

Happy Monday!

So why write a beauty blog that also focuses on mental health? Well, if you have a mental health disorder, you know that sometimes you have feelings and energy that need to be channeled into something positive before they swallow you whole. For me, I channel my anxiety, depression, and manic energy into beauty.

This ranges from hair, make-up, nails, skincare and of course self-care; I include self-care in this list because I believe its the most important step of your beauty routine.

When i wake up in the morning I have endless amounts of energy ( I know its annoying). If I let it get the best of me I will spend all morning do very unproductive things; if I channel it right away I end up having a very productive day.


My channeling happens in the form of my make-up and hair routine. I find it calming and soothing. I find mixing the eye shadow colors to create a complete eye look a form of meditation, like an artist setting up their palette to paint a masterpiece.

Curling my hair is a therapeutic time that I can really gather my thoughts and be still and quiet in my mind. I need this time in the morning to center myself.


If I don’t have time to finish this routine or I’m rushing in the morning I feel anxious all day. I know this could sound silly and shallow to some people but for me, this is my daily me-time.

So that’s my reason for writing this blog. I want to share my tips and tricks on all my favorite products and tutorials. I also want to hear from you what you want to see!

Let me know in the comments what topics you want me to cover ( mental health, make-up, hair curl tutorial,etc. )

Thanks for listening, have a great week!